CMTC - Montessori Teacher Training Diploma Course Details

Since 1983 the Calcutta Montessori Training Centre has been conducting --
a continuous and uninterrupted Pre-Primary Montessori Diploma Course in Kolkata.

The Pre-Primary Montessori Diploma course is of 09 months duration and qualifies teachers to teach children between 2 to 6 years of age.

The Course is practical based and child-centric.

The syllabus has been formulated by the Teacher Training Society a Government Registered Body. The syllabus is such that without disturbing the existing educational framework of our existing schools into which all school going children will eventually be absorbed, the formative years under our trained teachers would give the children an added self-confidence in their intellectual ability based on a firm emotional, psychological and social foundation. The syllabus is also 'practical' oriented, all subjects eventually blending into a composite whole and our students are taught how to apply their knowledge in a practical manner. The teaching being child-centric, total focus is laid in the understanding of each child's psychology when guiding the child. They also go through 01 month's internship in a good Montessori school.

Our teachers are trained to guide the children in the classroom and are always ready to assist and direct. Their purpose is to stimulate the child's enthusiasm for learning and to guide it without interfering with the child's natural desire to teach himself and become independent. Each child works through his individual cycle of activities and learns to truly understand according to his own unique needs and capabilities.

The training of our teachers is also such that, keeping the nucleus intact, that is, the concept of the psychological, emotional and intellectual development of the child, the syllabus can be made pragmatically viable in our urban and rural communities working within their respective cultural, social, lingual and economic framework.

This has been proved in practice. The teachers trained by us are in a position to scientifically guide the development of each child, either is isolation or within a group, by constructively translating their knowledge in accordance with each child's economic background and psychological needs.

The Final Diploma Examination is conducted and assessed by the Teacher Training Society who appoint their own examiners.

In our Kolkata Centre, the Calcutta Montessori Training Centre trains over 700 students annually.

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