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Calcutta Montessori Training Centre

Calcutta Montessori Training Centre was founded by SIRCAR and BOSE in 1983 and is one of the oldest and reputed Montessori Teacher Training Centre in eastern India.

Students come to study from within Bengal as well as from other parts of India including the nearby states of North Eastern India, Tripura, Orissa, Bihar & Jharkhand. Bangladeshi and Thai students also enroll for this training.

For the past 34 years CMTC is assisting their students in securing employment in reputed schools all over India and abroad and in opening their own pre-schools in cities, towns and rural areas. Over 18,000 students have passed out of our Main Centre alone of which over 99% are gainfully employed and doing well.

SIRCAR : After spending some years in the educational field, she concentrated on pre-school education to be in harmony with her natural inclination towards offering constructive education to pre-school children. She soon honed in her skills as an able administrator and became knowledgeable and proficient in pre-school child development. Noticing the acute shortage of quality pre-school teachers, she co-founded the CMTC. As Directress of the Main CMTC Centre and with her experience and insight developed over many years, SIRCAR now also provides detailed guidance to all Franchisee units fully realizing that competent, dedicated teachers bring out the best in a child.

: After studying at The Doon School, St. Stephens College, he ventured into education by teaching at The Doon School, and Dr. Graham's Home at Kalimpong. He founded and ran model english medium schools from Nursery to Class-XII. Finding an immense shortage of quality Pre-school and Primary teachers he, after assessing in depth the various existing methodologies and their prevalent teacher training facilities, started a more vibrant, creative, child-centric and practical based training and calling it the CMTC.

The Aims and Objectives of the CMTC have always been :

1. To train adult women in the Montessori methodology. The training is student- centric.

2. To assist all our successfully trained students in securing employment in schools

3. By teaching them the technicalities, managerial skills and practical know-how for opening their own Montessori Sre-schools.

4. To create opportunities for all pre-school children to have the best possible education under the guidance of trained quality pre-school teachers.

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